Balmorhea EU Tour: The Beginning

Balmorhea EU Tour 2013, Dresden, DE

We have arrived in Europe safe and sound. After SXSW, it took every once of my being to make it on that flight. Between the 2 Balmorhea SX shows, some pick up drum gigs, and the VJ gigs, I was going on about 5 days straight of 6 hours of sleep or less. Also, I can’t sleep on planes. So follow all that up with a 36+ hour zombie-fied day of travel and you could imagine how I was able to sleep for 14 HOURS STRAIGHT!

It probably wasn’t the best idea. Here I am on day 3 and I still haven’t adjusted to my new time zone. On the upside, I got to leave the dangerously seductive Texas Spring for the tail end of EU’s winter.

Until next time,

Balmorhea EU Tour 2013 Dresden DE