ChrisB. – Triangular Objects on Gravitas Recordings

Gravitas Recordings Los Angeles Headtron Glitch Music Producer ChrisB.

Check out the latest release from label mate ChrisB. Out today on Gravitas Recordings

    An electro-organic tidal wave of harmony and divergent sound design illustrates the beginning of Headtron all-star ChrisB’s new EP “Triangular Objects”, out on Gravitas Recordings January 15th. It’s been nearly two years since his last solo release, but Los Angeles native Chris Brown reveals that this time has been spent hard at work. These six individual gems, ranging from the main room to the bedroom, are sure to stand apart in any bass music lover’s collection.

    A barrage of psychotropic and integral melody distinguishes both “Fluid Dynamics” and “Space Dust”, with large detuned leads bringing grit to what might otherwise be whimsical tunes. “Trendy” shows Chris’ interpretation of the recent trap movement – but instead of reproducing the same exhausted sound palette, this intrepid producer merges his unique synthesis construction with heavy 808s to create an entirely fresh offering. Meticulous percussion steers the intro of the title track, soon giving way to reserved jazz keys set atop a laser-infused bassline. The EP comes to a close with the upbeat “Eye in the Sky”, which boasts complex synth work and funky bass riffs suitable for a 5-string Fender.

ChrisB. – Triangular Objects

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